Stormy Weather

Season 14, Episode 10
Stormy Weather title card
Air date 14th November 2004
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Judith Dine
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Buried Secrets
Who's Sorry Now
A storm is blowing and Oscar Blaketon is on his way back from Whitby when he witnesses how a tree tips over and hits the another car. Blaketon quickly gets help, but it is too late for the driver Alan Buckland a former sergeant of the Whitby police. His passenger Heather Hamilton is much better off and it seems that the two of them were running away from his wife, who is also Heather's sister. Apart from passports and ferry tickets they also bring along a bag with a lot of money in it. The incident also makes Jenny fear for her own marriage to Sergeant Merton. During the storm David and the two Scripps's were stranded at the Aidensfield Arms and Vernon asks Rosie's Uncle Zeph Pratt to join them in a game of whist. But Pratt likes poker better and after the storm he tricks Vernon into playing with him. Soon Scripps is taken to the cleaners.


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