State of Mind

Season 13, Episode 9
State of Mind title card
Air date 9th November 2003
Written by Candy Denman
Directed by Judith Dine
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Brought to Book
Down to Earth

Full SummaryEdit

Gina still has second thoughts about marrying Phil Bellamy, because it means she will have to give up the Aidensfield Arms due to an outdated police regulation, and she goes to back Liverpool to think things over. PC Crane is investigating a strange break-in at old William Barraclough's farm. Nothing was taken, but a statuette was left on a table, and a shop owner says he bought it himself. Barraclough also gets a shipment of cement he has not ordered. Is he getting senile or does somebody wish to make it appear so? Vernon Scripps has been summoned for jury service. He grows impatient when everybody else is chosen before him and leaves, because he has other important things to do as well. He has left David with a thorough list of what to do in his absence.


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