Stag at Bay

Season 9, Episode 13
Stag at Bay title card
Air date 19th December 1999
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Roger Bamford
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No Surrender
Full Circle


Mike and Craddock investigate deer slayings, the local headteacher receives strange phone calls, and David befriends Julia.

Full SummaryEdit

Christmas time is near. Somebody has been decimating Lord Ashfordly's population of deer, and for once Greengrass is not a suspect. As a matter of fact he agrees to help the police by posing as a potential buyer to smoke the poachers out. He is also occupied by his latest idea, a driving school - using Bernie Scripps's hearse. Jackie is handling a divorce case for Julia Kendall and she wants the police to enforce a restraining order against her husband Frank. Her daughter Katie misses her father and still visits him almost every day hoping her parents will get back together again. Maggie is in charge of the annual Christmas concert and she wants Katie Kendall to sing at the concert. A good idea because the young girl has the voice of an angel.

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