Sons and Lovers

Season 7, Episode 9
Sons and Lovers title card
Air date 2nd November 1997
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Gerry Mill
Episode guide
Friendly Fire
Playing with Trains


Greengrass has a soft job cleaning Lord Ashfordly's lawns for moles. To ensure a lasting employment him and David puts the moles back again at night. One night they are surprised by his lordship's sister Patricia, who is drunk as a skunk. It soon becomes clear that she has a drinking problem, and she is convinced that the law against drunk driving does not apply to nobilities like herself. She also has a soft spot for Steve's father Harry, whom she had a crush on when they were young. When Lord Ashfordly is away hunting for a couple of days Greengrass decides "to put Ashfordly Hall on the map" as he calls it and he organizes a poaching party in his lordship's absence.


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