Something of Value

Season 6, Episode 5
Something of Value title card
Air date 29th September 1996
Written by Johnny Byrne
Directed by Gwennan Sage
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A Long Shot
Frail Mortality


Nick has a real mystery on his hands after a masked man breaks into a warehouse and steals thousands of pounds worth of rare vintage wines and spirits.

Full SummaryEdit

A large quantity of fine wine has been stolen from a wholesaler's warehouse and the police think it is an inside job, because the burglar alarm was switched off. The prime suspect is the haulier Charlie Wallace. PC Rowan finds out that Alf Ventress has lost a lot of money at cards to Wallace and cannot settle his debts. Rowan decides to help his friend and colleague and trap Wallace at the same time. Lord Ashfordly has had intruders on his estate and when he catches Greengrass red-handed at poaching he hires the old scoundrel as a guard to keep off the intruders - unpaid of course


Heartbeat Series 6 Ep 5 - Something Of Value51:26

Heartbeat Series 6 Ep 5 - Something Of Value

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