Snake in the Grass

Season 8, Episode 1
Snake in the Grass title card
Air date 6th September 1998
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Gerry Mill
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Blaketon organizes a meeting between two feuding neighbours, Clive, a struggling farmer, and Stuart, a wealthy incomer.

Full SummaryEdit

The neighbours Clive Harris and Stuart Parsons are not the best of friends to put it mildly. When Oscar Blaketon tries to mediate between their families Parsons' wife Frances and his son-in-law John Nixon are rushed to hospital with signs of food poisoning. Naturally Harris comes under suspicion, but when Gina gets ill with the same symptoms PC Bradley is sure there is another reason. While Gina is in hospital her aunt Mary comes to Aidensfield to visit her. Bernie sells a car to Laslo Riles for Claude Greengrass, but when Riles goes bankrupt before he can pay Greengrass makes him pay in kind. Thus the old scoundrel suddenly becomes the proud owner of a snake.

Gina arrives back in Aidensfield after attending her Uncle George's funeral. Meanwhile two neighbours are at war, and Blaketon volunteers to sort it all out and keep the peace between the two parties. During a meeting to try and sort it out, two people collapse from food poisoning and the other neighbour is blamed. When Gina becomes ill as well, Mike persuades Neil to help him find out what has caused it. They both discover it was due to a poisonous plant being mistaken for horse radish and put in the pub's sandwiches. Greengrass finds himself stuck with a snake and Phil's land lady throws him out, so he ends up staying with his Gran... Meanwhile Gina's Aunty Mary comes to help her with the pub.


  • When Mike and Neil are in the pub's kitchen you can see a reflection of a studio light on the fridge.
  • In the scene where Clive starts fighting in the pub you can just about see the shadow of a cameraman in the television set.
  • On the 31st August 2006 ITV1 rerun of this episode a "Previously on Heartbeat" segment was shown before the opening credits.


  • Bellamy: I may be a little bit drunk and I may be a little bit soft...
  • Greengrass: It'll grow on you Phil!
  • Bellamy:... But I'm not that drunk and I'm not that soft! Flaming animal rescue!
  • Greengrass: It would be a flaming copper that won it!
  • Greengrass: You'd better get your "glad-rags" on Bernie, because I'm takin' you somewhere were someone will be takin' theirs off!!




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