Smile for the Camera

Season 10, Episode 2
Smile for the Camera title card
Air date 29th October 2000
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Gerry Mill
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Chalk and Cheese
Dog Collar


The police house starts receiving mysterious phone calls, Jackie finds herself in grave danger, and David is left holding the reigns when Greengrass and Bernie Scripps agree to help out with an unusual funeral.

Full SummaryEdit

Mike and Jackie have received anonymous phone calls every night for two weeks. One morning Mike finds a film wrapping in the garden and later he also finds a bouquet of flowers for Jackie from a fellow solicitor Anthony Smythe on the doorstep. Mike gets jealous and suspects Smythe to be behind the phone calls and confronts him, but Oscar Blaketon and PC Ventress go through some of Blaketon's old files and find a similar case. Smythe's father the old Colonel Smythe has died, and David promises that Bernie Scripps can handle the funeral even though the colonel wanted to be buried with all sorts of military pomp and circumstance and especially a horse driven carriage. Greengrass is dead set against it until he learns that it pays £150. They just need a carriage and of course a suitable, quiet horse.


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