Sleeping Dogs

Season 16, Episode 13
Sleeping Dogs title card
Air date 6th May 2007
Written by John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch
Directed by Jonas Grimås
Episode guide
Another Little Piece of My Heart
PC Bellamy is rushed to hospital after collapsing during an arrest. It is not due to a bad heart as he feared, but anaemia caused by a stomach ulcer, and an operation will take care of that. He has specifically told everybody not to let Gina know, but he gets very happy when she visits him at the hospital. Bernie's sister Georgina has been killed in an accident in Southern France, and since she was very wealthy Aunt Peggy has an eye on his inheritance. But her pleasure is spoiled by Vernon Scripps who returns from the dead - or sunny Spain rather - to claim his share. 16-year old Sally Jepson gives birth to a baby and her religious father takes it out on Tom Pickles whom he believes is the father.

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