Sitting Off the Dock of the Bay

Season 5, Episode 14
Sitting Off the Dock of the Bay title card
Air date 3rd December 1995
Written by Rob Gittins
Directed by John Garnell
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The peace and tranquility of Aidensfield is shattered by pirate radio broadcasts, and when dangerous drugs are discovered among bootlegged records, Nick goes undercover as a DJ.

Full SummaryEdit

An illegal radio station is transmitting from a ship just off the coast outside Whitby. When nurse Bolton starts seeing a young man called Danny the villagers are hearing wedding bells already. But a bit too soon it seems as he turns out to be her brother. Danny helps PC Rowan get a position as a DJ at the illegal radio station. Joe Norton is out of prison after serving a sentence for arson. He wants to turn a new leaf and has sent in an application to join the paratroopers. While he waits for an answer he helps out in PC Rowan's garden and hangs out with old friends. They fix him with a new drug that really sends him flying. Joseph and Greengrass think that George is charging too much for his drinks and decide they can do better end cheaper themselves.


Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 14 - Sitting Off The Dock Of The Bay51:36

Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 14 - Sitting Off The Dock Of The Bay


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