Sins of the Fathers

Season 12, Episode 11
Sins Of the Fathers title card
Air date 22nd December 2002
Written by Brian Finch
Directed by Terry Dyddgen-Jones
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Horses for Courses
Bread and Circuses


Vernon is surprised when an old flame turns up to see him; young Bobby Gray becomes abusive when Gina refuses to serve him; Mike refuses to take leave and promises Sgt Merton that he will stick to the rules.

Full SummaryEdit

The whole village and especially Mike Bradley mourn over the death of Dr. Summerbee. She is temporarily replaced by Dr. James Alway. Gina refuses to serve Bobbie Gray, because he is underage, but when he refuses to leave he gets into a fight with PC Bradley and PC Bellamy. The case ends in court, but Gray is acquitted by the presiding judge Charles Robertson. When Gray is arrested for a robbery he has committed Robertson confirms his alibi, because Bobbie Gray is actually his son. But it would have been healthier for Gray to stay in jail. On his way from Robertson's estate to the village he is the victim of a hit-and-run accident. Maggie Byrne turns up in the Aidensfield Arms and asks for her old friend Vernon Scripps. She is short of cash and asks Vernon to sell her engagement ring for her.


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