Shotgun Wedding

Season 9, Episode 6
Shotgun Wedding title card
Air date 31st October 1999
Written by Peter Barwood
Directed by Frank W. Smith
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Honor Among Thieves
Always a Copper


A dramatic train robbery threatens and interferes with Bradley's plan to marry Jackie Lambert. Greengrass has not seen his sister for 22 years, but now her husband has died she turns up to take command.

Full SummaryEdit

£200,000 is stolen when a train robbery is committed and in a struggle with a shotgun, one of the robbers and a singleman are both injured. The injured robber is abandoned and the other two scarper. DI Shiner is in charge of the search for the two robbers. And Jackie and Mike decide on a secret wedding and Jackie books the registry office but they need witnesses. Only Maggie and Phil - who Mike asks to be their best man - it seems will be attending - but its not long before it gets out and the other villagers decide to throw a party instead. But it seems as though not everyone's pleased as Jackie's Aunty Joyce disapproves of the fact she is marrying a humble police constable. Jackie protests that she is marrying the man she loves.

Meanwhile Greengrass' sister is back in town after twenty-two years and she thinks he should retire! David originally thinks that she is his wife! So he decides to go and live in a caravan on the moors. David tells Mike that there's a light in the old farmhouse up on the moors. Mike investigates but ends up having a deadly confrontation with the injured robber. The robber orders Mike to drive him home even though its his wedding to Jackie in two hours time. After convincing the robber to go to hospital to get his injuries seen to and telling him he's getting married, Mike finally makes it to the registry office in time.

To their surprise everyone close to them is there and the two are finally married. Afterwards, there is a big celebration and the happy couple arrive back at the police house where they get a phone call. Its for Jackie who is asked by the robber - now in hospital to represent him in court.



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