She's Leaving Home

Season 11, Episode 2
She's Leaving Home title card
Air date 4th November 2001
Written by Johnny Byrne
Directed by Noreen Kershaw
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Sweet Sixteen
Russian Roulette


Carl's court hearing takes place, Vernon and David purchase some fruit machines, the surgery is broken into and various drugs are stolen.

Full SummaryEdit

Dr Tricia Summerbee is called to the Executive Council office at the local hospital to deal with the complaints from the Aidensfield residents. Looking for a shoulder to cry on, Tricia once again turns to Mike for advice. He tries to persuade her to go out for a drink with him to take her mind off her troubles but he has no luck - Tricia just can't get work off her mind. To make matters worse she receives a hoax call reporting a car accident and together with Mike she goes to investigate. When they return to the surgery they are horrified to discover that it is has been burgled and that the drugs cabinet has been raided. Meanwhile, the young lovers Debbie and Carl are frustrated as Debbie's parents have banned them from seeing each other. Carl is remanded in custody as he pleads guilty to a charge of damage to property after his attacks on the police station. When his sentence is postponed he is taken to a Young Offenders Centre but he quickly seizes a chance to escape in a passing coal truck. Whilst their parents are locked in a bitter feud of flying accusations Carl surprises Debbie by meeting her after school and they plan their escape to the bright lights of London. Back at the police station they are still searching for a suspect for the break in at the surgery. When Mike discovers that Carl's uncle, Eddie Ford has just arrived in town to stay with his sister Jill they have a new lead, particularly when they discover that he has done time. When under question Eddie gives a false home address and a false alibi - Jill is perplexed but decides not to say anything. However, when she discovers a bag full of drugs in her children's bedroom she is furious and goes to the police. Eddie, stunned that he has been shopped by his sister, is arrested. Debbie and Carl only make it as far as a derelict cottage on the Moors before Debbie becomes feverish after drinking contaminated water. Carl calls Tricia and effectively saves Debbie's life. As far as the White's are concerned all is forgiven. There is more good news when Carl is told that he should expect to get off with a caution. Meanwhile Vernon plans to bring a bit of viva Las Vegas glitz and glamour to the Aidensfield Arms when he buys some second hand slot machines. It transpires that the machines are faulty and the money keeps on churning out into the hands of punters and consequently behind the bar- but not, alas into Vernon's pocket.



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