Shadows from the Past

Season 14, Episode 23
Shadows from the Past title card
Air date 15th May 2005
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Gerry Mill
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Duty of Care
Every Dog His Day
PC Walker and PC Bellamy are investigating a break-in at Lionel Morris' off license and general store when they spot an old friend of the police, Colin Sneddon. Sneddon has a history of confessing to just about every crime in town and soon he is at the police station to confess to this one too. When the police do not believe him he confesses to the unsolved murder of a little girl eleven years back. His confession makes quite a stir in Aidensfield and this time he is harder to dismiss, because human remains are found at the spot where he said he buried the girl's body. Aunt Peggy learns that the unfortunate store owner Mr. Morris is a wealthy widower and decides to make a move on him - and his wallet.

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