Shadows and Substances

Season 8, Episode 12
Shadows and Substances title card
Air date 22nd November 1998
Written by Brian Finch
Directed by Terence Daw
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Hot Rocks
Forbidden Fruit


Greengrass hatches a plan to save the village from nuclear annihilation.

Full SummaryEdit

Stuart and Trevor Chivers are at it again. Stuart has got detention with a classmate, Bernie. In revenge Bernie smashes the windscreen of the teacher's car, but the teacher Mr. Powell thinks Stuart did it. When PC Bradley questions him about it, he runs away. He is found the next day with severe stomach pains. PC Bellamy's grandmother complains about lorries rumbling through the village at night. The police cannot do anything about it, so she and she promises to take action herself. Oscar Blaketon has become WPO of Aidensfield and as such he is responsible for putting the village on alert in case of a war and for the village fallout shelter. Greengrass knows the perfect place for such a shelter, and he and Bernie Scripps are selling accommodations in it for a token annual fee for maintenance with great success.

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