Sgt George Miller

Sgt George Miller
John Duttine as Sgt George Miller



First Episode

Golf Papa One Zero

Last Episode

Sweet Sorrow


Jo Miller (daughter)

Cheryl Miller (daughter)


Jeannie Miller (wife)

Sergeant George Miller, was played by John Duttine. He appeared in 105 episodes from 2005 - 2010.


Sgt George Miller was a blunt Yorkshireman who'd moved from the York Police force to take over Sgt Dennis Merton's old position at Ashfordly Police Station. He has a wife called Jeannie and several children including Jo and Cheryl, both of whom had problems of their own and have all ended up being arrested one way or another. Jo walked out on the family due to disagreements and appeared in the episode "Give Peace a Chance" and was arrested due to anti-war activism and came face to face with her father and the two eventually reconciled their differences. Cheryl was featured in the episode "Family Matters" and was kidnapped by an armed gang. In the episode "Cashing In", Miller's wife Jeannie was finally shown. She'd been arrested for stealing a tin of luncheon meat from a local shop, but PC Geoff Younger discovered that a young boy had slipped it into her handbag. It was revealed in the episode that Miller and Jeannie hadn't talked much since their daughters had left home.


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