Seeds of Destruction

Season 16, Episode 15
Air date 20th May 2007
Written by Jonathan Critchley
Directed by Judith Dine
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Another Little Piece of My Heart
No Laughing Matter

Major Beecham gets arrested for disturbing the peace. During the night he complains about back pains and PC Younger gives him some of Alf's painkillers. But Younger may have given him the wrong pills because the next morning PC Bellamy finds him dead in his cell. Tristram Johnston is researching for the BBC programme "Down Your Way" and he has lots of likely prospects because everybody in Aidensfield wants to get on the radio. Aunt Peggy even gives him a tour of some of the sights of the area - or rather Greengrass. Nurse Cassidy discovers that some of her patients have seen the herbalist Stephen Lansbury and decides to have a talk with him. Gina is busy organizing her wedding to Phil and persuades Oscar to take over the licence for the Aidensfield Arms.

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