Saint Columba's Treasure

Season 5, Episode 13
Saint Columba's Treasure title card
Air date 26th November 1995
Written by Jonathan Critchley
Directed by Gerry Mill
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Blaketon has his hands full when an elderly archaeologist dies suspiciously and precious documents are stolen.

Full SummaryEdit

PC Rowan responds to an anonymous emergency call and find archaeologist Professor Brigstocke dead in his library and the house broken into. The professor was said to hide a treasure and Greengrass decides to find it. Clues lead to the ruins of Saint Columba's Abbey on the Ashfordly estate. But also Mary Secker, who is writing a book on 12th century monasteries, is interested in the ruins. Lord Ashfordly is hosting a fishing party and is not pleased to find fishing net and no fish in his river. Blaketon suspects Greengrass is behind it and when the old scoundrel enters the abbey to look for the treasure, Blaketon is close behind him. They both get trapped and Blaketon breaks a leg when part of the ruins cave in, and Greengrass lights a fire to keep him warm.


This episode is the first episode with Peter Benson playing Bernie Scripps, proprietor of the Aidensfield Garage and Funeral Services, first seen filling up a car at the pump.


Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 13 - Saint Columba's Treasure

Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 13 - Saint Columba's Treasure