Runners and Riders

Season 15, Episode 18
Runners and Riders title card
Air date 30th April 2006
Written by Sarah Bagshaw
Directed by Adrian Bean
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Get Back
Great Expectations
Caroline Farr has trained the horse Lucifer's Revenge for the Gold Cup race, but her estranged husband Simon wants to take all the credit. The question is will he knock down her uncle Lord Ashfordly and steal the horse to get it? Well, somebody does just that. Aidensfield is invaded by a lot of bikers, who stop at the Aidensfield Arms for a drink, but Oscar Blaketon reckons they will be trouble and refuse to serve them. Rosie thinks differently and joins them for a ride. In fact she is so impressed with their leader Jamie that she takes a few days holiday to be with him. But Blaketon may be right because suddenly the church silver is missing. Phil Bellamy experiences the downside of married life when Debbie accompanies her sister to the hospital for a week and leaves him in charge of her two daughters.

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