Risky Business

Season 15, Episode {{{number}}}
Risky Business title card
Air date 8th January 2006
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Gerry Mill
Episode guide
Living with the Past
Hostage to Fortune
Someone sets fire to Bill Galloway's barn and he suspects Barry Dyson as a revenge for being sacked. Dyson even has a previous conviction for arson. But Dyson has an alibi. Dyson also says that he was sacked because he is seeing Galloway's daughter Sylvia. Then there is a fire at Jim Hobson's farm only hours after Dyson had been refused a job there. And this time Dyson has no alibi. Aunt Peggy is visited by an old friend, Denzil Witty. He has a plan on how to put advertising posters up wherever you want without permission from the counsel. But not everybody is keen on his idea and they take matters in their own hands.

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