Return Crossing

Season 18, Episode 7
Return Crossing title card
Air date 19th April 2009
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Judith Dine
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Strike Up the Band
Looking for Isabella

Full SummaryEdit

Bob Berisford was a haulage contractor who was involved in a bit of smuggling to keep the company from going bust. After his death his partner in crime Frank Carter wants to continue the arrangement and pays Bob's widow Evelyn a visit. When she refuses her life is threatened. Nurse Cassidy hears about the threats and asks PC Mason to look into it. Soon there is a lot to look into, but he doesn't get much help from Evelyn Berisford who is much too scared to talk. Tomasz Bukowski has come all the way from Poland to Aidensfield to look for a woman he fell in love with during the war, and Oscar Blaketon offers to help him. Bukowski repays him by playing the pub piano. Chopin and Beethoven may attract new customers, but they surely also keep the regulars away.


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