{{infobox episode | name = E P I S O D E Primal Instinct | image = Image:Prime Instinct title card.png | imagewidth = 250 | airdate = 5th June 1992 | writer = Brian Finch | director = Ken Horn | previous = Outsiders | next = Keep on Running |season = 1 |number = 9


Muriel Gerard returns from church with her mother one Sunday morning to find that her husband, Andrew - a former DCS from Scotland Yard, has been shot dead. A huge murder hunt then starts.

Full SummaryEdit

A huge murder hunt starts and two detectives from the Met - a DCI Merton and DC Langdon are sent up from London to take charge of the investigation. Langdon stays with Nick and Kate at the police house. Its thought that Gerard was killed by an old criminal who he'd put away who was now free and wanting their revenge. But after questioning from Langdon suspicion falls on his wife - Muriel. Nick hears from Alex via Kate that Gerard was known for beating Muriel and so it's thought that she just killed him in anger for her pain and misery over the years. However when she is arrested and taken to the station Nick realizes that Muriel's mother - Victoria Wainwright is in fact the murderer and goes to see her and she confesses to it. She couldn't bare seeing her daughter suffer anymore from her husband's mood swings. Meanwhile Alan Maskell gets involved in re-spraying cars for a couple of men, thinking them to be straight, but they are in fact stolen cars. He finds out the vehicles are stolen and tells Nick and the thieves are set up and arrested. However Nick is annoyed when Blaketon charges Alan after telling him he wouldn't be charged.


Heartbeat - S01E09 - Primal Instinct

Heartbeat - S01E09 - Primal Instinct