Pretty Woman

Season 16, Episode 6
Pretty Woman title card
Air date 3rd December 2006
Written by Mark Holloway
Directed by Jonas Grimås
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Memoirs of a Fighting Man


Rosie's friend Diana Hill has become Miss Ashfordly. When somebody sets fire to her car PC Walker learns that she has received threatening letters to stop her from entering the Miss Yorkshire beauty pageant. Gina has realized that Phil Bellamy is the man for her, and she gives him a big hug when he picks her up from hospital after her being hurt in the car fire. Old Dan Fowles asks Aunt Peggy to bet on an outsider for him at the races. The horse wins, but Fowler dies before he can collect his winnings, and Peggy thinks it would be a shame if all that money should go to waste. PC Younger has not made an arrest for more than a month, and when his police bicycle gets stolen Sergeant Miller tells him to do something about it. So Younger clamps down on every minor offence he encounters.

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