Precious Stones

Season 14, Episode 8
Precious Stones title card
Air date 31st October 2004
Written by John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch
Directed by Andrew Morgan
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Say It with Flowers
Stormy Weather
David is helping out in the kitchen during a dinner at Redwood House when the whole party is held at gunpoint by three robbers and the jewels of Joan Maltravers are stolen. The robbers get away although David manages to free himself and the cook Mrs. Woolley and call the police, but their car crashes when the police give chase and they have to continue on foot. David becomes the celebrity of the day and his fame is not diminished when he and Rosie find the stolen gems in the wrecked car. The relationship between Liz Merrick and Ben Norton has improved a lot since their first meeting so much in fact that when he is offered a job as an estate manager in Kenya he asks her to go with him - as his wife!


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