Please Please Me

Season 16, Episode 4
Please Please Me title card
Air date 19th November 2006
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Andrew Morgan
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Intelligence Matters
Memoirs of a Fighting Man


A stranger asks for Rosie at the Aidensfield Arms. He is her former boyfriend Peter who cannot grasp that she broke up with him and wants her back. Rosie is not interested though and wants nothing to do with him. But that only makes him only more determined and he starts pestering her. Aunt Peggy's old banger gets stolen and with it David's dog Deefer which was in the boot because she is heat. PC Bellamy and PC Walker chases the thief, but he gets away when his helper blocks the road with a ladder. Gina is worried about Phil. He is still his good old self, but he clams up every time she tries to talk to him about his "ex-wife" Debbie. As a matter of fact he has not spoken of her since she left him.

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