Pig in the Middle

Season 7, Episode 2
Pig in the Middle title card
Air date 7th September 1997
Written by Brian Finch
Directed by Tom Cotter
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Bad Apple
Small Beer
Somebody has "deposited" a truckload of pig manure in the driveway of special constable Hector Cowley. He correctly blames his neighbour "Sweaty" Betty Sutch and her son Simon and goes to their farm to sort out the matter. The next morning the coat of his uniform is found in their pigsty unlike himself, who is nowhere to be found. When his boots, trousers and other items belonging to him are found at the same place, rumour has it that he has been eaten by the pigs. Greengrass has a surprise visitor, Ellen Birley, an old friend from his past. She moves in with him and soon he enjoys the pleasure of well-cooked meals and clean clothes. But before long he misses the good old days, when they were only himself and Alfred.

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