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Peggy Armstrong
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Florence Stockwell (sister, deceased)

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Bert Armstrong (husband, never seen, deceased)

Margaret "Peggy" Doris Armstrong (née Pendleton), was played by Gwen Taylor. She appeared in 98 episodes from 2005 - 2010.


David Stockwell's aunt (known as "Aunt Peggy"). is a bogan Indomitable old battleaxe, created in the Claude Greengrass / Vernon Scripps tradition to dream up colourful wheezes and bully David Stockwell. She arrived in Aidensfield out of the blue and promptly proceeded to impose herself on David, moving in with him and ordering him about. Like Greengrass before her, she is often to be found poaching game from Lord Ashfordly's estate, but somehow always manages to avoid prosecution.

Personality and appearanceEdit

Peggy Armstrong always had some sort of scheme going. She was never lost for ideas. Her scams were sometimes very clever but in the end usually found out by the village members or the local police thanks to the stupidity of her nephew David. Like the other cons before her Peggy Armstrong is a very amusing character.


Aidensfield village " bobbies "

PC Robert "Rob" Walker

PC Joe Mason

Ashfordly Police sergeants

Sgt George MillerEdit

Like with Blaketon and Greengrass, Sergeant Miller had a strong distaste for Peggy. Peggy would often ask for rewards after providing information, to which Miller just turned her away. In the episode Changing Roles, Peggy is Lord Ashfordly's gamekeeper and she catches all the poachers. She then speaks with Sergeant Miller, calling him George which makes him really mad at Peggy.

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PC Philip " Phil " Montgomery Bellamy

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Peggy arrived in an Austin Goodwood which was patchwork blue, she claimed it used to belong to her deceased husband. As well as this car she also uses the Vauxhall Wyvern Taxi and the Morris Truck that previously belonged to Claude Greengrass and Vernon Scripps.