Peace and Quiet

Season 7, Episode 13
Peace and Quiet title card
Air date 23rd November 1997
Written by Peter Barwood
Directed by Tim Dowd
Episode guide
Affairs of the Heart


A new policeman in town discovers that Aidensfield is no rural retreat when an armed robbery puts lives in danger. Meanwhile, Greengrass comes to Blaketon's aid when he collapses and is rushed to hospital.

Full SummaryEdit

Sergeant Blaketon is out on patrol when he is overtaken by a long-haired bully wearing a leather jacket on a motorcycle. He catches up with him while he is parked at a petrol station, and when he is asked for his name the "bully" introduces himself as Mike Bradley, the new police constable. After getting a much needed haircut PC Bradley soon has his baptism of fire when two armed criminals take Greengrass and Gina hostage so that they can hide in their catering truck and get into a pipeline compound to empty the safe. And they make it very clear that they are not afraid to use their firearms. Blaketon has a hard time facing retirement and asks for more tests, but he has to wait another week for the results of these tests. His heart will give him an answer much sooner than that.



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