Past Crimes

Season 8, Episode 4
Past Crimes title card
Air date 29th September 1998
Written by James Stevenson
Directed by Brian Farnham
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For Better or Worse


A respectable bank manager finds his past coming back to haunt him. Greengrass wants membership of the local golf club, and he gets in after a battle of wills with the secretary about having "standards".

Full SummaryEdit

Somebody breaks in at Jenny and Tim McDonald's house, but nothing seems to be taken. The next morning Tim McDonald is two hours late at work at a bank, because the intruder put back their clocks. The intruder turns out to be an old friend of Tim McDonald, a really bad apple called Carl Southall, and he claims that McDonald owes him a favour. There is an open tournament at the local golf club, and Greengrass plans to make a killing by entering a B. Scripps in the tournament and bet on him. Only it is not Bernie Scripps as the club manager Trevor Snape thinks, but Bernie's nephew Barry, who is a professional golf player. Greengrass spots an opportunity to make an even bigger killing when he learns that outside investors want to buy the club and turn it into an upmarket country club. He only has to become a member of the golf club to get a share of the sales money. That is all - or is it?

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