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Probationary PC Thomas "Tom" Nicholson (deceased), played by Ryan Early. Appeared in 15 episodes from 2001- 2002.


Nicholson arrives in Ashfordly from Scarborough on probation, his move possibly hastened by a seaside incident that resulted in a photograph of a donkey wearing his helmet appearing in the local press much to the amusment of Pcs Ventress and Bellamy. He is keen and well-intentioned, but frequently get things wrong and is initially the butt of the other policemen's jokes (such as being locked in a prison cell). Despite his gauche manner with women he briefly dates Gina Ward and then Jenny Latimer. On Sgt Craddock's orders, he moves into the Aidensfield Police House with Bradley. In the episode "Coming of Age" on his 21st birthday, the villagers, pretending to ignore the event, have actually arranged a surprise party in the Aidensfield Arms in the evening. However, during the day Nicholson becomes involved in a hunt for two thieves who are attempting to flee the country in a private plane, and volunteers himself as a hostage in exchange for a seriously injured PC Bellamy. At the airfield, Nicholson is shot dead in a scuffle. At his funeral, Merton gives a moving eulogy and, as a reflection of his love of brass bands, "Amazing Grace" is played.


Series 11Edit

  1. Legacies
  2. Home Sweet Home
  3. Old Masters
  4. The Rivals
  5. Home to Roost
  6. Uninvited Guests
  7. No Hiding Place
  8. A Gentleman's Sport
  9. Closing the Book
  10. The Leopard's Spots
  11. From Ancient Grudge
  12. The Great Ming Mystery
  13. Second Chances
  14. Sympathy for the Devil
  15. Coming of Age


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