PC Geoff Younger

PC Geoff Younger
Steven Blakeley as PC Geoff Younger



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Blast from the Past

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Sweet Sorrow


Sid Younger (father)

Mary Younger (mother)

PC Geoffrey "Geoff" Younger, was played by Steven Blakeley. He appeared in 102 episodes from 2005 - 2010.


Newly recruited cop, Ashfordly being his first posting, and keen to learn but often makes comical mistakes. Although used as a slightly comical character he does have a heart of gold. He had a fondness for Rosie Cartwright that was not reciprocated in the way he would like (there were signs at the end of the first part of Series Sixteen that this might change, but Rosie's departure ended this storyline). His parents, Sid and Mary, appeared in the Series 16 episode "The Medium is the Message", in which his father was hospitalised for incurable alcoholism-related dementia. He later has a crush on Dawn Bellamy when she is introduced into the series, and Dawn tells Geoff her feelings for him in the episode "England Expects". Geoff was shot in the arm in the episode "Cashing In" while pursuing armed criminals, but the damage was only a flesh wound so he made a full recovery.

Personality and appearanceEdit

Geoff is a much loved character of Heartbeat. Although he was a bit of a goof and wasn't the brightest spark of them all he managed to solve some of the police cases with the help and patience of Alf Ventress. Geoff was a nice but often clumsy person, and at the begining looked like his police career would never leave the ground. After having been in Aidensfield for a while Geoff's skills slowly progressed.

Trivia Edit

Geoff Younger was originally slated to appear in only six episodes. However the character was such a hit with viewers that he stayed on for the remainder of the series.