Out of the Long Dark Night

Season 17, Episode 13
Out of the Long Dark Night title card
Air date 18th March 2008
Written by Stuart Morris
Directed by Andrew Morgan
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The Heart of a Man
Take Three Girls


While Eva and James Knight of Holly Cottage nearly run PC Younger down when the brakes of their car fail, a young woman breaks into their home and paints Nazi swastikas and slogans on the walls. The vandalism is directed at Mrs. Knight who is Jewish, although only a few people know about it. It also turns out that their brakes have been tampered with. Lisa Barnes stays at the Aidensfield Arms while she researches her family history. Some research it must be as it turns out that she is behind the attacks on Mrs. Knight. She claims that Eva Knight is no Jew, but a Nazi war criminal and responsible for her parents' death. But is it really true? An old steam roller breaks down outside Bernie's garage and blocks the entire road. PC Younger promises Councillor Jowett to have it removed by the next morning, but that is easier said than done. Aunt Peggy solves the problem by buying the steam roller and expects Bernie to repair so that it can be sold as scrap.



  • Holly Cottage where James and Eva Knight live is the same Holly Cottage that Jo Rowan lived in when she met Nick.

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