One Thing Leads to Another

Season 13, Episode 16
One Thing Leads to Another title card
Air date 4th April 2004
Written by Candy Denman
Directed by Andrew Morgan
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No Hard Feelings


The farmer Hugh Sanders discovers a crashed car in a ditch with the injured driver still inside. The car belongs to Martin Updike and it seems that he was robbed by his still missing passenger. Sanders' wife Kitty is involved in a savings and loans scheme. Jenny is one of her depositors. When she wants to take some money out, she is told that a George Harrow or Harlow has lent all the money. But no such person can be found. Vernon Scripps decides to enter a poetry competition, because it reminds him of all the times he beat Bernie in poetry competitions when they were young. Oddly enough Bernie remembers it the other way around and enters the competition too. And so does David although they both say he has not got a chance.


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