One Small Step

Season 16, Episode 21
One Small Step title card
Air date 15th July 2007
Written by Shaun Mckenna
Directed by Gerry Mill
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The Medium is the Message
Troubled Waters

One of the greatest events in modern history - the lunar landing - makes its mark on Aidensfield and most of the villagers are gathered at the Aidensfield Arms to watch it on TV. But Peggy Armstrong claims that it is a con and that she can prove it. And if there is somebody who knows everything about cons it must be her. Brenda Garnett has been left stranded in Aidensfield when her car broke down and she is afraid somebody may find out where she is. Sergeant Miller and PC Bellamy arrest two tough guys who promise the police officers that they will be dead before dawn, because their boss will free them. Miller does not scare that easily, but suddenly the police station gets under attack.

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