Old Ties

Season 8, Episode 22
Old Ties title card
Air date 14th February 1999
Written by Chris Thompson
Directed by Gerry Poulson
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Friends Like You
David Stockwell's Ghost


Alan and Dennis open a new restaurant in Ashfordly, but they are victims of vandalism and somebody also hands out false free-meal coupons on their behalf. The primary suspect is Sid Wainwright, who was interested in buying the place too. Gina gets a visit by her old friend Debbie, but Aunt Mary believes that Debbie will only get Gina into trouble, but instead it is Debbie who lands in trouble. Professor Booth is searching for the burial site of Wulfstan the Wealthy, a mighty Anglo-Saxon chieftain and Greengrass is convinced that the burial site is on the lands of Terence Young, whom he has already relieved of some "surplus" rainbow trout, and tries to find it first and sell his finds to the professor.

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