Old Scores

Season 16, Episode 2
Old Scores title card
Air date 4th November 2006
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Jonas Grimås
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C'est La Vie
Intelligence Matters

Martin Beldon has recently been released from jail after serving a 5-year sentence for rape. But somebody is out to get him, and since his lawyer gave the victim Judy Wharton such a hard time during trial that she committed suicide her father Tom and sister Linda are the most likely suspects. Then Linda's friend June claims that Beldon has raped her too. Aunt Peggy accidentally runs down the drunk, Sid Vickers. Vickers is one of her old friends and she decides to get him back on his feet again. There is a new face at the police station in Ashfordly. DS Rachel Dawson who is one of PC Walker's old friends. The London criminal Barry Flynn has escaped and she needs two officers to help her watch his cousin's cottage in case he would hide himself there.

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