Old Colonials

Season 6, Episode 2
Old Colonials title card
Air date 8th September 1996
Written by Ron Rose
Directed by Ken Horn
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When an estate owner complains about her class field trip trespassing on his property, Nick is sent to talk to Jo, the new schoolteacher.

Full SummaryEdit

Someone has let Bill Ruane's horses out, but he manages to catch them with the help of Jo Weston, who is on an outing with her students. Ruane has financial troubles because nobody has money to pay him. He is suspected to be behind a series of burglaries in the area including one at Ashfordly Hall in which his lordship's game keeper Gillies is knocked down, and part of the loot from that burglary is found at Ruane's stables. Greengrass has a flat tyre, but luckily his is picked up by his nephew Norman and Jeb, Norman's new friend from the American air force. They have a business proposition for him. The have started an import business and need storage place.


Heartbeat Series 6 Ep 2 - Old Colonials51:21

Heartbeat Series 6 Ep 2 - Old Colonials


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