Off the Rails

Season 14, Episode 20
Off the Rails title card
Air date 24th April 2005
Written by Richard Monks
Directed by Roger Bamford
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Friends and Relations
Rustlers and Hustlers
Lots of different things have been stolen in Aidensfield over the years, but an entire train loaded with crates of wine must be a novelty. Whoever stole the wagons had access to a locomotive and enough space to hide the whole train. They must also have enough knowledge about railways to operate a train. When a wagon load of tobacco is coming through the police decide to use a similar wagon full of police officers as a decoy. Helen Trent has started the proceedings to get divorced from her husband and Gina invites her to a girl's night out to cheer her up. Phil also invites Rob out to a boy's night out to cheer him up after the break between him and Clare. They all end up at the same nightclub and decide to make it a foursome. The annual green bowling tournament is coming up. Bernie has his heart set on winning, but his main rival Bickerstaff will stop at nothing to get the trophy. Aunt Peggy takes over the catering and she needs a blackboard for the menu (yeah, right).


With Special Thanks to North Yorkshire Moors Railway

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