Nurse Carol Cassidy

Nurse Carol Cassidy
Lisa Kay as Nurse Carol Cassidy



First Episode

C'est La Vie

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Sweet Sorrow


Danny Cassidy (brother)


Frank (fiancé, seperated)

PC Rob Walker (boyfriend, seperated)

Dr Chris Oakley (boyfriend, seperated)

PC Joe Mason (boyfriend)

Nurse Carol Cassidy, was played by Lisa Kay. She appeared in 69 episodes from 2006 - 2010.


Nurse Carol was abandoned by her parents as a baby and grew up in an orphanage. She took over the Aidensfield Surgery after the sudden death of Dr Helen Walker. Shortly after her debut in the show she split up with her fiancé Frank, an often-absent naval officer. Like her predecessor Dr Helen Walker, she became romantically involved with PC Rob Walker. The two parted tearfully when Walker left the show at the end of Series Sixteen, after Walker failed to persuade her to accompany him on a move away from Aidensfield linked to his promotion to sergeant. Despite flirtations with new Aidensfield PC Joe Mason, she embarked upon a relationship with hospital doctor Chris Oakley. Following the break-up of this relationship she paired up with Mason, only for the two to later argue and separate, then almost get back together again, but the series ended.

Biography from ITV.comEdit

"A sparky Yorkshire lass, Carol is the local District Nurse. Her parents abandoned her when she was just a few months old, and she was taken in at Barnardo’s in Whitby.

Growing up in a home wasn’t always easy, but Carol found comfort and security within the institutional care structure, and consequently her move into nursing seemed like a natural progression.

She has had a long engagement to Frank, a sailor in the navy. This long distance relationship has forced her to reassess her priorities. The orphan girl who had only ever known authority and communal living, has had to fend for herself and live alone for the last two years.

Her new-found independence and job satisfaction mean she is reluctant to abandon the world of Aidensfield to begin a new life with a man she now realises she barely even knows.

Her treatment room is located in Aidensfield’s Police House, and she has become close friends with Rob Walker. They often share flirtatious banter and are becoming the subject of some speculation in the village."


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