Nowhere Man

Season 13, Episode 19
Nowhere Man title card
Air date 25th April 2004
Written by Peter Mills
Directed by Matt Bloom
Episode guide
Difficult Times

Dr. Merrick admits a mysterious man to the hospital. He has a few bruises and a nasty bump on his head. And he has lost his memory. To jog his memory PC Crane takes him to Aidensfield. Gina and Oscar remember that he has regularly visited the pub accompanied by an unknown woman. Dr. Merrick is also worried about one of her patients Mrs. Walker. She has some bruises, which she claims she got by falling over, but the beautiful doctor suspects they are due to domestic violence. When Dr. Merrick calls on her she finds her lying unconscious in a house smelling of gas. Her husband on the other hand is nowhere to be found. Vernon Scripps is afraid he has not accomplished enough and decides really make his mark on the world. At a seminar he gets in contact with Vince Edwards and Harry Blaine, who want to market a brand new kind of product. Plastic film to wrap around food and stuff. Who on earth has ever heard of a thing like that?


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