Not So Special

Season 10, Episode 15
Not So Special title card
Air date 4th February 2001
Written by Michael Hall
Directed by Noreen Kershaw
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Home Truths
The Long Weekend


The police are called when an elderly farmer's widow suspects that someone is trying to force her out of her home, Vernon takes up hot rodding, and PC Ventress faces a dilemma.

Full SummaryEdit

Glenda Marriot wants her aunt Mrs. Barton to sell her farm and move to an old people's home, but the old lady says she can still manage together with her farmhand Jed Harrison. Glenda tries to take legal steps to make her sell, but somebody must be more intent on getting the old lady out and tries to scare her away. Vernon Scripps' latest idea is hot rods. He wants Bernie to build him one so that he can race it. PC Ventress is showing Special Constable Harold Emney around when he sees Gina leaving the maternal ward at Ashfordly Hospital. Of course he puts two and two together and gets five and before long everybody knows that she is pregnant - everybody that is except Gina and the assumed father Phil Bellamy.



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