No Surrender

Season 9, Episode 12
No Surrender title card
Air date 12th December 1999
Written by Neil McKay
Directed by Gerry Poulson
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Flesh and Blood
Stag at Bay


The feud between Colbourne and Clegghorn gets out of hand and Malcolm finds out about Shirley's affair.

Full SummaryEdit

At the annual village fair Malcolm Colbourne, who everybody considers a coward because he did not fight in the war, sees a new tractor. The dealer John Bennett makes him a special offer which enables him to buy the tractor though money is tight. When the tractor is destroyed in a fire, he discovers that his wife has had an affair with Bennett for years, and Bennett finds out that Colbourne's role in the war was not nearly as innocent as he believed. David sees a fortune teller, who foretells that he will meet a woman with auburn hair and a Christian name beginning with a 'G'. Greengrass does not believe it, but the same evening a woman called Gloria Evans with auburn hair shows a special interest in both him and Greengrass. She wants them to clear out and decorate her house.

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