No Hard Feelings

Season 13, Episode 17
No Hard Feelings title card
Air date 11th April 2004
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Judith Dine
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One Thing Leads to Another
Difficult Times


There is a big clay pigeon shooting competition at Ashfordly Hall. One of the contestants is the very arrogant Toby Fisher, who is very dissatisfied that Bernie has closed his garage for the day when his snobbyness is short of petrol late one evening. To correct that "oversight" he breaks up the lock and steals the petrol he needs. The theft is discovered immediately and Fisher only avoids arrest when he promises to pay the next day. Local man Robert Emerson is Fisher's biggest rival to win the shooting competition, and Fisher hates to lose. That is why Fisher becomes the prime suspect when Emerson is shot and wounded, but others carry a grudge against Emerson too. Among them Phil Bellamy who thinks that he was getting too friendly towards Gina. Normally Bellamy will not do a thing like that, but he is very depressed over Daniel's death and the prospect of losing Gina.


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