Nice Girls Don't

Season 4, Episode 6
Nice Girls Don't title card
Air date 9th October 1994
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Baz Taylor
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Gina is attacked when she is followed home one night. Inspector Murchison interviews her after the assault, but accuses her of being drunk and making up the story. When a second woman is followed home, Nick investigates and discovers the suspect...

Full SummaryEdit

Gina is on her way home from celebrating a rugby match victory. Somebody attacks her and tries to rape her when her car breaks down. Luckily the attacker is frightened off by Greengrass, who is on one of his 'nightly expeditions', before things get too far. Inspector Murchison does not believe Gina's story and leans very hard on her trying to get her to drop her story. Meanwhile Phil Bellamy's tie has been found in Gina's car. Phil has nothing to do with the assault, but names a likely suspect, Neil Gibson, who is arrested. Gibson's family scares Gina into dropping the charges, but then a waitress in Whitby is attacked under similar circumstances.


Heartbeat Series 4 Ep 6 - Nice Girls Don't51:16

Heartbeat Series 4 Ep 6 - Nice Girls Don't


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