Muck and Brass

Season 13, Episode 23
Muck and Brass title card
Air date 23rd May 2004
Written by Duncan Gould
Directed by Noreen Kershaw
Episode guide
A Call to Arms
Double Trouble
The annual hill climb is to be held on the roads around Ashfordly and Aidensfield, and the police are not too happy at the prospect of having "dozens of lunatics" driving through countryside at top speed. A lot of villagers do not like it either and Nathaniel Clegghorn speaks publicly about getting the race banned. One is even so unhappy about it that he tries to sabotage the event. Especially one competitor seems to draw the attention of the saboteur, Geoffrey Smee. Vernon Scripps on the other hand is so happy about the race that he wants to enter a car of his own. Dr. Merrick treats a young man with a head injury. When she returns to her surgery after a quick talk to Jenny the young man who called himself Trevor Black has disappeared.


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