Season 17, Episode 23
Mixed Messages title card
Air date 21st September 2008
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Jonas Grimås
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You Never Can Tell
Oscar's Birthday


When old Elsie Gray dies unexpectedly PC Mason suspects foul play by the family doctor, but since Dr. Thomas is highly respected nobody else apart from Nurse Cassidy is willing to do anything about it. Aunt Peggy is upset because somebody has offloaded a lot of rubbish on her lawn. Some papers among the rubbish leads to the home of a retired magistrate. When the police won't do anything she takes matters in her own hands and returns the favour, so to speak. Gina's baby is in due five weeks, but she is rushed to the hospital as a precaution when she starts to bleed. The doctors are certain nothing serious is wrong, but Gina understandably fears the baby will die like her first child Daniel.

Pictures from the episodeEdit

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