Missing in Action

Season 12, Episode
Air date March 30th, 2003
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Jonas Grimås
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During a walk with Barry on the moor, Lesley wishes that her father were still alive; Bernie visits a new chiropodist to have his bunions treated; Gina organizes Lesley's hen night.

Full SummaryEdit

Lesley Ford's father went missing in action during the World War. A few days before her wedding to Barry Lee she finds a piece of a shot down Mosquito fighter on the moors. Following the visit to a fortune teller at an amusement park on her hen night she postpones the wedding until the plane's pilot has been found and given a proper burial. To save his upcoming marriage Barry tries to find the spot where the Mosquito hit the ground. But the crash site is considered a war grave and the Ministry of Defence do not take it lightly when someone messes around with war graves without authorization. and to top it off two more shady characters are caught lurking around the supposed crash site. A new, very officious bobby turns up out of nowhere in Aidensfield and Ashfordly But not even Sergeant Merton has heard of any new bobby being transferred to the area and the police must face the fact that the have a bogus bobby on their patch.


With thanks to R.A.F. Leeming

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