Mind Games

Season 16, Episode 19
The Medium Is the Message title card
Air date 1st July 2007
Written by John Flanagan and Anrew McCulloch
Directed by Gerry Mill
Episode guide
The Dreams That You Dream
The Medium is the Message

Rosie is picking up a broken down car when she finds its owner Peter Barton knocked down in the forest and she quickly shares his fate. But unlike Barton Rosie is found in time to save her life. The deceased was a former police officer turned private investigator, and his murder may be connected to one of the cases he was working on. PC Walker has asked nurse Cassidy out, but has to cancel when he is assigned to help DS Dawson on the Barton case. Aunt Peggy promises her friend Hilda Skinner to take a flock of turkeys off her hands, but that is easier said than done.

Pictures from the episodeEdit

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