Season 15, Episode 14
Mastermind title card
Air date 16th October 2005
Written by Brian Finch
Directed by Jonas Grimås
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Miller's Tale
Family Ties
There is a police charity soccer match between Ashfordly and Richmond, but PC Bellamy has to appear in court the same day and may not make it back in time although he is the Ashfordly coach. Albert Hallows helps Gina to sell tickets for the match, but not out of his good heart or to help a pretty girl. He is the head of a gang of old timer robbers and he plans to hit on Aidensfield during the match. David has been called for jury duty in the same case as Bellamy is to appear in. The accused is a friend of one of Aunt Peggy's acquaintances and she tries to influence him to vote for an acquittal. Not an easy position when the other eleven jurors are in favour of conviction.

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