Manoeuvres in the Dark

Season 9, Episode 1
Manouevres in the Dark title card
Air date 26th September 1999
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Gerry Mill
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Tricks of the Trade


On his way home from the Aidensfield Arms one night Col. Clifford hits a boy on a bicycle. At his trial he gets a fine and is required to take a driving test. During the test it is discovered that he is night blind and he is only allowed to drive at daytime. Gina's old friend Terry Noble has gone AWOL after a fight with another soldier. She hides him although sergeant Craddock has asked his constables to be on the lookout for him. It turns into a murder hunt when the soldier he attacked dies, and Noble takes Col. Clifford hostage until he can get away during the night. Oscar Blaketon inherits a lot of money and has a business proposition for Lord Ashfordly, which Greengrass probably will not be too happy about. And speaking of Greengrass he is planning a French gourmet evening at the Aidensfield Arms.

Full SummaryEdit

Terry Noble, a soldier and former boyfriend of Gina's arrives in Aidensfield asking for her help when it is revealed that he has gone AWOL. And after two years' silence. He has had a fight with a fellow soldier. She hides him in secret and provides him with food, drink and money. Unknown to them, Ashfordly Police Station is on the look out for him and discover that the other soldier has died. Nurse Maggie Bolton also pops into the station with her new baby boy, whom she has called Sam. Gina eventually confesses to PC Mike Bradley that she has been helping Terry - only for him to disappear. Mike asks around in the Aidensfield Arms and Mary doesn't recognise him. Colonal Clifford, an ex war veteran has knocked a cyclist off his bike and Jackie Lambert becomes his solicitor as well as his driving instructor after the court orders him to retake his driving test. He has Cataract, which is an eye disease preventing him from driving at night due to his poor vision. Clifford then gets taken hostage along with PC Phil Bellamy when the police come looking for him. Mike eventually catches him when Noble steals Clifford's car and is seen driving it at night. Elsewhere Claude Greengrass is organising a French gournmet party - no coppers of course and to Mike's disapproval, he says that solicitors like Jackie are allowed because you never know when you might need one, at the Aidensfield Arms but David ends up ruining the main course and ends up covered in it! They end up having fish and chips instead! Elsewhere, Oscar Blaketon gets the same idea, coppers only in the other room as to celebrate his leaving at the Aidensfield Post Office. Jackie shares hers with Mike, and both are happy enough to stay in Aidensfield. When Blaketon shows up Greengrass is less than impressed to hear that he is now the new owner of The Aidensfield Arms.



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