Season 11, Episode 4
Legacies title card
Air date 18th November 2001
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Gerry Mill
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Russian Roulette
Home Sweet Home


A new PC starts work at the police station, Lord Ashfordly reports a theft, and David and Vernon have a series of difficult customers.

Full SummaryEdit

Probationary constable Tom Nicholson has been transferred from Scarborough to Aidensfield. Craddock puts Tom under the watchful eye of Ventress who is is less concerned with Tom's progress and more curious as to why he has left the so-called 'Sin City'. Bellamy and Ventress do some of their own investigation and discover that Tom is not as self assured as he would like them to believe as they find a newspaper item picturing him skipping with some local children and leaving his police helmet to rest on a donkey. Bellamy and Ventress are delighted with this ammunition, especially when Tom treads on a few toes at the Station. Meanwhile someone at Ashfordly Hall has been stealing Lord Ashfordly's priceless African artifacts. Ventress and Bellamy are put onto the case, searching antique shops and art dealers in the area for a lead. It soon becomes evident that the prime suspect is Patrick Mason, a history student who is staying with Ashfordly whilst he works on his thesis. The mystery is solved at one of Lord Ashfordly's famous parties. Daniel Moketso, an African Chief and Ashfordly are distant relatives and Ashfordly holds a reception in his honour. Patrick is also delighted to see Daniel, as they were students together and shared a passion for African history and culture. PC Nicholson is sent undercover to the party disguised as a waiter. He seizes this opportunity to prove himself to his colleagues and hits the jackpot when he catches Patrick loading some stolen artifacts into a nearby van. It turns out that Daniel had wanted to return the artifacts to his ancestors, and Patrick had earnestly been trying to return them to their rightful owner. Ashfordly reacts angrily but ultimately agrees to return the treasured items. Elsewhere Vernon and David are having a hard time running their taxi service. As well as dealing with everything from a snake to a sick child David ends up acting as an unwilling accomplice to a granny on a shoplifting spree, winding up spending a night behind bars.



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